accent & dialect collections

  • IDEA, the International Dialects of English Archive
    An outstanding collection of primary source recordings, in English, of speakers in both English-language dialects and accents of other languages. (I’m Associate Editor for NYC.)

  • Speech Accent Archive
    George Mason University’s highly useful collection of sound files of speakers from many backgrounds, each reading a short sample paragraph in English.

  • VADA, the Visual Dialect Archive
    An archive of video clips from donors around the world, providing a central source of both aural and visual information about an accent or dialect in English.


  • Being in Voice Warm-up App
    My friend and colleague Flloyd Kennedy has devised this excellent app that gives you access to a guided warm-up wherever you can take your iPhone. An Android version is in development.

  • Voice Guy Warm-up Series
    My friend and colleague Eric Armstrong, the Voice Guy, leads you through three series of warm-ups plus a speech warm-up.

  • National Theatre Voice App
    Download warm-ups from England's National Theatre to iTunes. Works on Mac, iPad, and PC.

  • Diction Police Tongue Warm-Up
    Thorough tongue-strengthening and flexibility exercises—do these daily and you'll be ready for any lingual articulation, no matter what the language.

ipa transcription 101

  • International Phonetics Association
    The official website of the IPA includes many useful pages of its own, plus a links page.

  • Introduction to Phonetics
    The University of Lausanne Institute of Linguistics presents this excellent internet primer on articulation of speech sounds, including IPA symbols with accompanying audio files. In English and French.

  • wɛbfɒn
    Phonetic transcription self-study program, from the University of St Mark & St John.

  • Interactive Saggital Section
    Daniel Currie Hall designed this interactive oral tract, allowing you to choose an articulation, see it in outline, and see its IPA transcription.

dynamic ipa web charts & apps

  • iPA Phonetics app
    Outstanding phonetics app for iPhone and iPad, from the University of Victoria Department of Linguistics. Explore the phonetic symbols and sounds, voice qualities, and articulations, with audio and video. Test your knowledge with interactive games. Adjust playback speed, view full-screen, more. Highly recommended.

  • Interactive Charts of the IPA
    Designed by my colleague Eric Armstrong, and voiced by my colleague Paul Meier, these pages include Flash animated official IPA charts plus diphthongs and triphthongs of Received Pronunciation and “General” American. Also accessible at link below.

  • Interactive Charts of the IPA
    Designed by my colleague Eric Armstrong, and voiced by my colleague Paul Meier, these pages include Flash animated official IPA charts plus diphthongs and triphthongs of Received Pronunciation and “General” American. Also accessible at link above.

  • Interactive IPA Chart
    From the UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive.

  • IPA Handbook
    Dynamic IPA Chart from the University of Victoria Department of Linguistics.

  • Interactive IPA app
    IPA chart app for iPhone and iPad, by Paul Meier Dialect Services.

  • IPA Vowels
    An interactive vowel quadrilateral, created and voiced by my colleague Eric Armstrong.

voice & speech anatomy

  • Laryngology 101
    Dr. James Thomas shows you what happens during a laryngoscopy (examination of the pharynx (throat), larynx (voice box) and vocal folds (vocal cords). NOTE: I do not know Dr. Thomas, and this is not an endorsement of his medical practice.

  • Glottal Opera
    A laryngoscopic film by John Fink, of vocal group Kaya singing. The glottis is the space between the vocal folds when they are abducted (relaxed and apart).

  • Cords (hear us and have mercy)
    See and hear another a cappella quartet's vocal folds (vocal cords) in action.

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Larynx
    Get Body Smart presents this handsomely designed collection of online tutorials and quizzes.

sounds you can see

  • Articulatory IPA
    YouTube channel chock full of video demonstrations of speech sounds.

  • Glossika Phonics
    YouTube channel dedicated to the IPA. All recordings made by Michael Campbell, polyglot founder of Glossika.

  • UBC Visible Speech
    YouTube channel with lots of visible speech-sound demonstrations.

  • Sounds of the IPA
    Clickable IPA symbols allow you to see audio-video of speech sounds, and animated diagrams of articulation. From the University of Sheffield.

  • Seeing Speech
    Clickable IPA charts give access to Ultrasound and MRI video of IPA sounds spoken by phoneticians.

  • Multimedia IPA Chart
    Standard IPA symbols in red, symbols with common diacritics in green. You can also alternate between IPA and SAMPA symbols. Ambitious but incomplete; the pulmonic consonant chart is very well done, though.

  • X-ray Film of Speech Organs in Action
    This film by Ken Stevens was recorded in 1962.

  • MRI of Speech Organs in Action
    Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge Group at USC shows you rapping in action; excellent picture and sound.

  • New Super-Fast MRI Technique
    Beckmann Institute presents this astonishing video of speech organs in action while subject sings “If I Only Had a Brain” (and fades out “If I Only Had a Heart”).

  • Dynamic real-time MRI Bruder Jakob/Frère Jacques
    More wonderful imaging from the Freiburg Institute of Musicians’ Medicine.

blogs & podcasts

  • Glossonomia: Conversations on the Sounds of Speech
    Glossonomia is a 44-episode podcast by my friends & colleagues Eric Armstrong and Phil Thompson. In each episode they focus on a specific speech sound or set of sounds. They have fun, and you will too!

  • John Wells’s phonetic blog
    Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, UCL, J.C. Wells is also the editor of the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (for English), and the author of Accents of English. The blog is no longer updated, but its many treasures remain to be enjoyed.

  • Language Log
    Founded by linguists Mark Liberman and Geoffrey Pullum, this blog features truly knowledgeable posts about language by many other linguists as well.

  • Sentence First
    An Irishman's blog about the English language. Smart and funny, just like its author.

  • The Voice Guy
    Eric Armstrong provides materials and insight for aspiring and professional actors. Rarely updated; always valuable.

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