for playwrights

For Cheer from Chawton: A Jane Austen Family Theatrical: Worked closely with playwright Karen Eterovich to correct anachronisms, clarify points, improve structure and focus, trim and tighten text.

for productions

I can help your company and your audience understand the world of the characters, and the meaning of their dialogue (regional linguistic variants in vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, historic slang, topical references, and more). I can also assist your other designers with additional research on request.

For this production, the Mint … offered some extensive program notes, in particular some helpful “dialect notes” for those who might be unfamiliar with Irish English.

on The Mountains Look Different

Amy Stoller’s Accents (and Dramaturgy—always read this edifying part of Mint’s program) add immeasurably to atmosphere.

Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town
on Women Without Men

I always enjoy the Mint Theater’s programs including the dramaturge’s notes. Amy Stoller gives us the backdrop to the time with such specificity that it allows one to enjoy the show on the historic level as well.

Jacquelyn Claire, NY Theatre Guide
on Women Without Men

No doubt Van Druten, who was praised at the original premier for “hyper-realistic depiction of office life,” would be proud of the rich attention to detail in evidence all through. Not only is the set beautiful, it is functional and historically accurate; the same is true of the costumes (Martha Hally) the accents (Amy Stoller) and the props (Joshua Yocom). The props, especially, have been meticulously researched by Stoller as dramaturge to be used authentically in real time giving the audience a visual history lesson to accompany the entertaining dialogue.

Claudia Borruso, The Public Reviews
on London Wall

Dramaturg Amy Stoller contributes to the little realisms of this excellent and engrossing production.

T & B on the Aisle
on London Wall

Nobody, not even Lincoln Center, offers more bang-for-buck subscriber services than the Mint. Amy Stoller’s well-researched program notes are especially helpful in picking up Granville-Barker’s imbedded criticisms of this Edwardian period in England’s mercantile history.

Marilyn Stasio, Variety
on The Madras House

As usual, this production fulfills the Mint’s mission to add an educational and enriching component to their effort to call attention to neglected plays. Besides coaching the actors, dramaturge and dialect expert Amy Stoller has added some interesting notes on the speech of these characters to the program notes. They include a whole page of excerpted bits of dialogue with explanatory commentary.

Elyse Sommer, CurtainUp
on The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd

Here’s a detailed example of the kind of services I can provide:

For Soldier’s Wife at the Mint Theater, I researched and prepared extensive written and audio materials for the director and cast on matters such as …

  • Ad campaigns

  • Apartment building staff

  • Broadway theatre start times

  • Childhood milestones and baby care

  • Cost of living

  • Dress regulations

  • Etiquette

  • Home decor – furniture, fabrics, sources

  • NY daily newspapers and the “Women’s Pages”

  • NY housing regulations

  • NY neighborhoods

  • NY radio 1943-44

  • Phone numbers

  • Playwright’s life and works

  • Propaganda

  • Publishing

  • Rationing

  • South Pacific Allied military hospitals during WWII

  • South Pacific Allied military strategy 1942-45

  • Treatment of infection on the war front vs. the home front

  • US Army and Army Air Corps – conscription, rank and promotion, servicemen’s rights and privileges

  • Wartime correspondence

… and much more, including my personal recording of a special oral history with a real-life WWII soldier’s wife.