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Your excellent guidance and expertise brought me to the point where I felt ready to launch Seeing Stars, and was recently selected by The United Solo Festival for its 10th Anniversary season this fall in NYC!

Ellen Gould


Seeing Stars at United Solo: Sun. 10/13 4:00 pm (SOLD OUT) • Thu. 10/17 9:00 pm (SOLD OUT) • Sun. 11/3 4:00 pm (SOLD OUT) • Sat. 11/23 4:00 pm

Client Ellen Gould, an Emmy Award-winning writer/performer, weaves her personal experience into an inspiring and hilarious musical about “seeing differently.”


The grand finale on Saturday evening of The 2019 Jane Austen Festival, was a returning favourite: Cheer From Chawton. … A packed auditorium laughed, listened and loved the humour, as well as the pathos, in many aspects of Jane Austen's life. Audience members [made] many comments about her faultless English accent. It was a very special show and everyone who was lucky enough to see it felt privileged to have been in the audience.

The Mission Theatre
on Cheer from Chawton


Cheer from Chawton, a Jane Austen Family Theatrical, written and performed by Karen Eterovich (center), was invited back to England for its fourth engagement at Bath’s annual Jane Austen Festival. The production was co-directed by yours truly and Susan Pilar. I also did the dialect design and dramaturgy.


Booked it! We did it!!! Thank you so much!!! Thank you for your guidance. You are da man!!!!

Carl Hendrick Louis


Booked it!

Client Carl Hendrick Louis was cast in Mlima’s Tale at the Westport Playhouse with his new Vietnamese accent!


Available now! The audiobook of Notes from the Field, read by author Anna Deavere Smith; published by Penguin/Random House.