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In previews: The Mint Theater production of Elizabeth Baker’s The Price of Thomas Scott, at the Beckett, Theatre Row.


On the air! Or at least on the interweb. Recently I was a guest on Paul Meier’s podcast, In a Manner of Speaking.


Notes from the Field, The Best London Theatre of 2018!

What’s the story? US playwright-actor Anna Deavere Smith’s takedown of the US criminal justice system was the highlight of the excellent 2018 LIFT programme. Why’s it in our top 10? It was both a crushingly powerful theoretical work, and a virtuosic piece of storytelling in which Deavere Smith channelled over 250 interviewees in remarkable fashion.

TimeOut London
on Notes from the Field


Hindle Wakes, one of the Highlights of the Bright Lights of Broadway and Beyond for 2018:

The play was written in 1910, [but] the writing of Stanley Houghton is about as up to date as anything that is currently on the stage. The mission of the Mint Theater Company—another of the hidden treasures of off-Broadway—is to revisit old, forgotten works and breathe new life into them. Hindle has life to spare. … I felt, when watching it, that I was seeing some long lost George Bernard Shaw play: an extremely literate critique of contemporary mores, featuring a strong woman exercising what rights she had and maybe a few she didn’t.

Joe Westerfield, Newsweek
on Hindle Wakes


On demand: Anna Deavere Smith in Notes from the Field (HBO), via HBO channels and apps.

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On demand: Dietland (AMC), with Rowena King as Cheryl Crane-Murphy. Now available via AMC, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, and GooglePlay.

“Witty, heartbreaking and brutal”— Rolling Stone