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Booked it! We did it!!! Thank you so much!!! Thank you for your guidance. You are da man!!!!

Carl Hendrick Louis


Booked it!

Client Carl Hendrick Louis was cast in Mlima’s Tale at the Westport Playhouse with his new Vietnamese accent!

You may be as excited as I was to hear the director say to me today after the read through that my British was better than his! He‘s from London. Felt really great about that.

Andrew Dits


Booked it!

Client Andrew Dits will play Colonel Arbuthnot in Murder on the Orient Express at Ogunquit Playhouse, with his newly polished early-20th century RP (Received Pronunciation).


Tour date:

Cheer from Chawton, a Jane Austen Family Theatrical, written and performed by Karen Eterovich, returns to England this September as part of Bath’s annual Jane Austen Festival. I worked with Karen as her dialect designer and dramaturge, and as the production’s co-director with Susan Pilar.


Available now! The audiobook of Notes from the Field, read by author Anna Deavere Smith; published by Penguin/Random House.


In conversation: I was a guest on Paul Meier’s podcast, In a Manner of Speaking. Scroll to 2:29 for the beginning of our chat about idiolects (individual speech patterns) and related topics.