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In rehearsal:

A Guide for the Homesick, by Ken Urban, directed by the Colman Domingo. Two actors, four roles; I’m working with actor McKinley Belcher III on a Ugandan accent for one of his characters. Performances October 6 through November 4 at at Huntington Theatre Co., Boston, MA.


Kudos, too, to frequent Mint collaborator Amy Stoller for dialect work to hone accents that are coherent and consistent within each piece — and distinct from piece to piece.

Martha Steketee, Clyde Fitch Report
on The Suitcase Under the Bed

Perhaps the finest takeaway is the versatility of the seven actors playing from two to four widely varying roles each, and doing so with convincing accents.

Samuel L. Leiter, The Broadway Blog
on The Suitcase Under the Bed

Kudos to Amy Stoller for dialogue coaching, especially on the subtleties of the Anglo-Irish accent.

Marilyn Lester, Theater Pizzazz
on The Suitcase Under the Bed

The Suitcase Under the Bed, four short plays by Teresa Deevy, directed by Jonathan Bank at the Mint Theater Company. New York Times Critic’s Pick! Continuing at the Beckett, Theatre Row, through September 30.

Dress rehearsal of The Suitcase Under the Bed.

At this year’s Voice and Speech Trainers Association conference in Singapore, VASTA’s president announced that the Board of Directors had voted unanimously to give me a Distinguished Service to VASTA Award.