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who is amy stoller? what can she do for you?

Suiting Words to Actions Since 1995

Amy Stoller is an award-winning dialect designer who can guide your cast in creating a consistent vocal world in support of your production, or any cast member in acquiring the speech pattern needed to make their character come alive.

She also provides individualized accent & dialect dialect design for performers, dramaturgy for productions & writers, and resources for other accent & dialect professionals.

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 Drive-time fun with accents on Wake Up with Taylor, Sirius XM.



A Day by the Sea, by N.C. Hunter, directed by Austin Pendleton, extended through October 23. Mint Theater Company in residence at the Beckett Theatre on Theatre Row.



Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education, created and performed by Anna Deavere Smith, music by Marcus Shelby, directed by Leonard Foglia. Following a sold-out run at American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA, we are moving to Second Stage in New York City, October 15–December 11. West Coast audiences will have a chance to see it at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, CA, February 1–5, 2017. Learn more from this WGBH interview: In Her New One-Act Play, Anna Deavere Smith Plumbs The ‘School-To-Prison’ Pipeline.

Notes from the Field is part of …

On rehearsal break in Berkeley, Summer 2015.