what is dialect design?

Researching and selecting from a range of authentic speech patterns, and/or devising new speech patterns, to create a community or family sound for a full cast of characters, or individual speech identities for one or more characters in a production.

Tailoring the selected speech pattern(s) to the needs of your production and the abilities of your performers, to achieve the most believable and illuminating spoken performances possible for your project.

what does the coaching part involve?

Training/Actor prep: Face to face or by remote hook-up; groups or individuals. 

Materials: Hand-outs, audio & video clips, links, playlists, recordings of native speakers, and so forth.

Notes & Feedback: Stage: In rehearsal, post-rehearsal, post-performance. Screen: In rehearsal; in production, on-set, in-studio; post-production. Notes and feedback given in person or by remote hook-up; written or recorded.

Background: Linguistic, idiomatic, historical, cultural, religious, political … If your actors need it to help them understand what they’re talking about, as well as how their character would pronounce it, I’m on it.

Anything I can do to help your actor or cast fully embody and express their new identities through speech—credibly, comfortably, and consistently.

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