I work with a very good dialect coach named Amy Stoller.

Anna Deavere Smith

When I am cast in a role with any sort of accent, I immediately reach out to the brilliant Amy Stoller for a session!

Melissa Rauch

I booked Law & Order: SVU! You’re officially my good luck charm! [Thai accent]

Kimiko Glenn

I wanted to let you know that Barbara Rubin was so very happy with my dialect work for Blood Knot and thanks you tremendously. You taught me so very well. I truly feel that it is now a dialect that I master because of you. Thank you. Every South African that comes to the show REALLY thinks that I am a South African actor.

Colman Domingo

I got the Polish part on that feature Halal Daddy!!!!!! I've got work on it from May throughout June. We fooled them!! I can’t thank you enough!!!!

Gina Costigan

When I moved to New York from the South, I needed to work for a few months with Amy on a non-regional American dialect so that I wouldn’t be labled “That Southern Kid.” Within months I booked the role of Young Tarzan on Broadway. Amy was able to explain IPA to me in a way that made it like a treasure hunt: exciting and fun. My former directors and teachers were very impressed with Amy’s ability to teach a 9-year old (me) not just how to use IPA but also to understand and enjoy it. After going back home to the south for a visit, I was called in for a director’s session back in New York for a lead in a film. I was told by director Todd Solondz that he could hear the southern accent. Mom and I immediately got my script and IPA folder out and set up an appointment for a refresher crash course with Amy and I booked Life During Wartime that day! Now I’m in the Off-Broadway production of Horton Foote’s Orphans’ Home Cycle. I’ve been able to bring back my southern dialect thanks to the knowledge Amy has given me.

Dylan Riley Snyder

I booked Beautiful! Going on tour as the u/s for Gerry and Donnie. Thanks for all your help! Woohoo! [Brooklyn accent]

Mark Banik

I am so glad I made that decision to come see you. They brought in a dialect coach, for one session, and this dialect coach was nowhere near as thorough as you. And lacked accurate useful information to help actors dive into the dialect work immediately. I love you so much. You are my favorite to work with! [Maurice Bishop idiolect (Grenadian)]

Carl Hendrick Louis

My biggest compliment in the last work I did, which you coached me in, was from a gaggle of Brits in the audience who after the show were shocked to learn I was also British!!! Hooray for my Long Island Sound accent!!! Thanks to you!

Claire Schoonover

The 39 Steps opened and has been a joy to work on. We’re having a great time. Our director was exceedingly happy with your dialect design for me and she accepted everything you designed. Thank you again for your guidance and coaching on this project and giving me a strong foundation.

Brady Adair

Amy Stoller is extremely professional, thorough, creative and generous. She sets a relaxing atmosphere in which to analyze the text and works in conjunction with the actor and their choices on the text to help realize the character they are portraying. Simply the best!

Jordan Baker

Amy guided me and the cast of The Voysey Inheritance in British dialects. This production at the Mint Theatre was praised highly by the NY Times and other publications. She was a great help to me playing the Scottish Dr. Gratton in The Glass Cage at the Mint Theatre which was also praised in the Times and other publications. She is quite simply brilliant in what she does.

Chet Carlin

Amy Stoller’s knack for aural nuance in dialect has served me and my characters well. Her particular strength is that she works through the actor’s character to get to the voice therein. She works beyond regional dialect and drives straight for the individual within the words. Her professionalism and enthusiastic passion make for a most positive work experience.

David Van Pelt

I got that role for the workshop of Sting’s new musical, The Last Ship. They loved the Geordie!!! Thank you again for helping me.

Jenn Colella

I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on my Egyptian Arabic accent!

Suzanne Masser

Leah nailed her audition for the film, and got another callback—this time to meet the directors. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Thanks to you, she had a good French accent, and enough confidence to let go during the audition and concentrate on the acting, not the accent.

Leah’s Mom

I got the part of Babe [in Crimes of the Heart] and the director was impressed by my Mississippi Delta accent, so thank you very much for your coaching.

Maya Erskine

I felt comfortable with the Armenian dialect and I got a lot of laughs. All thanks to you.

Lucy McMichael

After working with Amy on a Bronx dialect, I decided I wanted to work with her more extensively and took her Vowel and Consonant Boot Camp. I am now extremely confident in my ability to learn dialects, and found that the training has aided me in some unexpected ways. I teach preschool, and am now better at helping the kids with speech impediments than the speech pathologist. Also, I picked up a West Virginia accent on my own almost effortlessly. So big thanks to Amy!

Brooke Volkert

I have the pleasure of recommending Amy Stoller as a superb dialect coach. I worked with Amy in preparation for Boomerang Theatre Co.’s Anna Christie, in which I played the title role. Her clear, concise instruction was exactly the boost I needed to feel more confident in attacking the text. Due to time constraints, we were only able to have one crash course session togetherand she was amazingly helpful. She was kind enough to also follow up with me over the phone to be sure I was on task and answer additional questions. I look forward to working with Amy again in the near future!

Jen Larkin

Our lighting designer is a Scot who’s lived all over England and after the first read-through he said to me, “You must’ve lived quite a bit in the North Country. Your accent’s dead on.” So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Paula Hoza

I got the pahht [in Across Dot Ave]. Thanks for all your help with the Boston accent—I couldn’t have done it without you.

Kelly Diegnan

I flew in to London yesterday and I wanted to tell you how it went—smoothly, to say the least. Rehearsals were no problem and the creative team and the rest of the cast were impressed. The director’s mother was watching the show wondering where the American was … no one on stage had an American accent! Meeting people after the performance, people would be surprised to hear me speak with an American accent. Again, thanks for all your help [with My Beautiful Laundrette].

Charles Hagerty

The audience at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England, laughed hard and applauded. Kudos to my co-director and dialect coach, Amy Stoller—the direction was complimented, the English dialects were complimented.

Karen Eterovich

Thank you again for helping me to refine and finesse the work on a German accent that I had done prior to our meetings. It made all the difference in letting me forget the dialect and focus on the intentions of Hans Bethe and the character work [in In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer].

Matt Fischel

Well, this is certainly a first. I just got a callback for a major film role I’m not even physically suited to—because the casting director was so impressed with my dialect work. She’s putting me on tape to take to LA so that she can remember it. Thank you for being such a strong ally in this very difficult assignment—you are a marvelous coach.

Amanda Quaid

The Denver Center Theatre Company are offering me Duse [in The Ladies of the Camellias]! Thank you so much for your expert coaching in a subtle Italian accent. I was able to really get on top of it.

Monique Fowler

We have gotten all favorable reviews [in The Charity That Began at Home] … I am very grateful to have been singled out at all, since the role is the smallest one I’ve played in three decades! “Particularly effective is Alice White as the pompous Miss Triggs (she found a marvelously affected accent that telegraphs the worst of her character’s faults instantly).” (Accent compliments of our dialect coach, Amy Stoller!)

Alice White